If you are an Airbus pilot, then don‘t miss this tool to get familiar with all the systems of a terrific airplane – the Airbus 320. Forget the times when learning the airplane systems involved reading PDFs and Powerpoint demos.

Take the seat in the virtual cockpit and get started right away – visit our online shop here. For all pilots we have an iOS/iPhone tool at hand here, that might help during daily operation.

3D Airbus Flight Deck

Full 3D Airbus A320 cockpit with every switch operating. For ECAM, aircraft systems and flight procedures training. Visit Website

Thales FMGS

Fully functioning Thales FMGS (Flight Management and Guidance System) with Lufthansa LIDO data base and monthly update. Visit Website

FMGS Alternate Flight Plan

Video on Youtube here

Copenhagen EKCH Visual Appch.

Video on Youtube here