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A32x FlightDeck
Fly an Airbus on your PC.

  • Take Control

    Grab the sidestick and start training.

    „FlightDeck A32x let's you train Airbus procedures and improve system knowledge. We think learning should be fun.“

  • The Thrust you need

    Grab the throttles and get airborne

    „Take learning to a new level with our interactive desktop simulator.“

  • Switch to Learning Mode

    Leave the old way of learning Airbus systems behind

    „Our main product is a software that gives you a virtual Airbus A320 right on your PC for advanced training. From pilots - for pilots.“

How FlightDeck A32x works

FlightDeck A32x is our main product - a virtual Airbus A320 trainer for your PC. Made from the ground up by the AirlineTools team. Independent of any other flight simulation or game solution.

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Because Training Should be Fun

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