A useful tool on your iPhone.

  • Wind Calculation

    Be quick to know your crosswind

    „Make sure you are landing within your crosswind limits. When time is precious this app can help.“

  • Runway Reports

    Know your runway conditions - decoded

    „Decode those MOTNE runway reports numbers quickly when you have to rely on them.“

  • True Altitude

    Know your true altitude above the obstacles

    „Indicated altitude is not equal to true altitude - simple isn't it? Well, the second part might be hard to calculate.“

For the Apple iPhone we developed a tool for professional pilots with the following features:

  • wind calculation with mag/true wind direction option
  • decoding of MOTNE runway reports
  • decoding of turbulence and ice report
  • true altitude calculations
  • interpolation of complex tables (e.g. landing tables)
  • help page for each screen
  • Caution: App does NOT WORK on iOS Version 11.x.x or later